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Fotos: Agencia Mexsport


14 de April de 2024. 10:11 pm.

Rayadas of Monterrey defeated Mazatlan FC 3-0 in Matchday 14 of the Clausura 2024 Tournament, played at the El Encanto Stadium.

The Monterrey team attacked the rival from the start, but it was not until the second half that they were able to reflect this on the scoreboard.

At 13', Ana Lucia Martinez took a mid-range shot that Claudia Lozoya, a former Rayadas goalkeeper who now defends the Mazatlan goal, managed to control.

In the second half, Rayadas continued to attack and Amelia Valverde sent Rebeca Bernal, Merel Van Dongen and Jermaine Seoposenwe onto the field.

At minute 48, Jermaine had a header, but Claudia Lozoya managed to deflect it for a corner kick.

49' MAZATLAN 0-1 RAYADAS | Merel Van Dongen
Merel Van Dongen headed the ball home to open the scoring.

63' MAZATLAN 0-2 RAYADAS : Rebeca Bernal

The captain took a powerful shot from outside the box. Lozoya failed to control and the ball went into the goal.

Nicole Perez came close to increasing the lead with a header that Claudia Lozoya managed to deflect off the line.

91' MAZATLAN 0-3 RAYADAS | Diana Evangelista
Diana Evangelista arrived almost to the end line and sent a shot from a tight angle to make it three.

With this result, Rayadas move up to second place. On Thursday 18, at 9:00 p.m., they will host Toluca at Estadio BBVA for Matchday 15.

Let's go, Rayadas!

Rayadas' Line-up: Pamela Tajonar, Tanna Sánchez (Merel van Dongen, 45'), Daniela Monroy, Valeria Del Campo, Lizette Rodríguez, Fátima Servín (Diana García, 68'), Valeria Valdez (Rebeca Bernal, 45'), Nicole Pérez, Ana Lucía Martínez (Diana Evangelista, 83'), Myra Delgadillo y Christina Burkenroad (Jermaine Seoposenwe, 45'). DT Amelia Valverde.

Mazatlán' Line-up: Claudia Lozoya, Samantha López, Brenda García, Ana Becerra, Olga Trasviña, Cristina Torres, Sinoxolo Cesane, Soumaya Bouak (Paola Selvas, 87'), Zulma Hernández, Romina Ríos (Fátima Arellano, 87') y Hildah Magaia (Alejandra Curiel, 61'). DT José Madrigal.

David Tamez