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Image - Pamela Zuñiga


16 de September de 2023. 12:36 pm.

Rayadas tied 2-2 with Pachuca Femenil in a thrilling match that had a spectacular closing of matchday 11 of the Apertura 2023.

Although Pachuca Femenil took a 2-0 lead on their visit to the Estadio BBVA, the Rayadas tied the score in the final stretch of the match with two terrific goals. 

At minute 10, Christina Burkenroad sent the ball into the back of the net after a cross from Alejandra Lua, but the referee disallowed it for an offside position. 

Ten minutes later, Nicole Pérez shot from half distance and the ball went just over Esthefanny Barreras' goal. 

At minute 30, Myra Delgadillo came close to breaking the rival's net after a cross shot that went just wide of the goal. 

38' RAYADAS 0-1 PACHUCA FEMENIL | Viridiana Salazar

After a good team play by the visitors, Viridiana Salazar scored with her left foot to open the score.

In the second half, Eva Espejo’s team sought to turn the score around and, despite Pachuca scoring their second goal, Rayadas managed to tie the game. 

69' RAYADAS 0-2 PACHUCA FEMENIL | Vanessa Millsaps

Karla Nieto sent in a cross. Marta Cox set up a screen and midfielder Vanessa Millsaps finished for the visitors' second goal.

79' RAYADAS 1-2 PACHUCA FEMENIL | Nicole Pérez

With a long-range shot, Nicole beat the goalkeeper and scored the first goal for Rayadas.

80' RAYADAS 2-2 PACHUCA FEMENIL | Myra Delgadillo

After a great individual play, Myra Delgadillo took the ball past a defender and scored with a shot to the goalkeeper's left side to tie the match.

With this score, Rayadas reached 20 points and moved up to fourth place in the season standings.

On Friday, September 29, at 5:00 p.m., the Rayadas will visit Necaxa at Estadio Victoria for Matchday 12 of the Apertura 2023.

Andrés Jiménez