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Our Kids

As part of our Social Responsibility strategies, we seek to improve the quality of life of children in vulnerable conditions (orphans and motor disabilities, among others), through volunteer actions and citizen participation. 

All members of the Institution (players and coaching staff of the three professional teams and the youth academies, management, employees and collaborators), as well as the fans and the community participate in Social Responsibility actions.


 Main actions:

  • ●We arrange visits with players to governmental institutions such as state and municipal Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (Integral Family Development) facilities, civil associations, and orphanages.
  • ●We organize tours and gatherings of children from associations and students to go to team practices sessions at El Barrial.
  • ●We invite children to participate as ambassadors in the official matches held at the Estadio BBVA.
  • ●We promote fundraising activities for associations and individual cases prior to the games at Estadio BBVA.
  • ●We have designated areas for people with disabilities in our facilities.