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Blue Planet

As part of this Social Responsibility axis, we carry out actions to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and operations, and we promote a culture of recycling and environmental conservation.


The Estadio BBVA and the rest of the facilities have a friendly design that contributes to the preservation of the natural environment.

With the proper management and recycling of all the waste we generate, we minimize the impact of our operations.


Main actions:

  • ●We regenerated the Bosque La Pastora and developed a social and ecological project around the Estadio BBVA.
  • ●We restore and maintain the Gran Parque Ecológico Río La Silla, which receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year free of charge.
  • ●We carry out volunteer actions to clean, reforest and preserve green areas in the Monterrey metropolitan area.
  • ●We have a permanent PET recycling program in the Estadio BBVA, BBVA “El Barrial” Training Center, offices, Tienda Rayados and Rayados Soccer Academies.
  • ●Through the “Hagamos Equipo por un Mundo Mejor” (Let's Team Up for a Better World) campaign, we promote the recycling culture among the fans and the community.