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Imagen - Joaquín Jiménez


08 de Febrero de 2020. 1:12 pm.

In Rayados we are seeking for our best performance every week, although in the last games we haven’t been in our best shape, tonight against León we’ll be looking for the win.

Jonathan González knows that the Team is focused, letting the former bad results by side and picking up the win in the Tournament.

“We’re focused on the games, unfortunately against Necaxa we lost two points on the last minute, but that’s in the past, now we’re looking for the win and that’s all that matters”, said.

‘Jona’ assures that the key it’s keep working, to be back on the XI it’s something that he’s continually looking for, so he won’t miss the opportunity.

“Work harder, I haven’t had the continuity that I wish, but I’m trying to do the right things every day, and if the opportunity presents, I won’t let them down. I work everyday the coach tells us that the opportunity will come and is up to each of us to take advantage of it”, Jonathan.

The Team hasn’t had the productivity expected, nevertheless we’ve always had good mentality and always thinking high.

“The beginning of the Tournament hasn’t been what we expected, but the Team have always a strong mentality, always thinking up and we hope we can exceed expectations and return to high positions on the Leader Board”, assured.

Finally, González talked to the Fans, asking all the support and confidence, so the Team feels that intensity and keep working to be the best.

“To all the Fans, hope for great things, we’re gonna do our best, we hope we can be Champions again and we’re gonna give all for this colors, for Rayados”, finished.

Joaquín Jiménez

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